Women & Displacement Seminar – Oct 2017

Women and Displacement

Hosted by MEWSo at the offices of Macquarie Bank

The Women and Displacement Seminar, which took place on the 5th October 2017, was a great success. MEWSo would again like to thank everyone who came as well as all the speakers and those who donated to our cause.

This seminar discussed the impact on women who are or have been uprooted and displaced for a variety of reasons. The practical and psychological effects of displacement are often very individual, and are influenced by the individual’s stage of life. Although displacement affects both men and women, the effects are often different and this seminar specifically focused on the difficulties that women typically face.   
Parizad Bathai, who has experience working with refugees in the UK for over 11 years, described her experience of aging in exile and the fondness of the memories of a home country that she now struggles to identify with. Zhara Habri, a former client and volunteer advisor of MEWSo, bravely shared her life story of coming to the UK with a husband from an arranged marriage. Zhara told us about her experience of domestic violence and struggle to raise her young son in a foreign country, but with the help of MEWSo and through her own determination she is now a qualified advisor and lives without fear of violence. Director of MEWSo, Halaleh Taheri, passionately retold her incredible journey from Iran to Iraq, Iraq to Turkey, Turkey to Sweden, and Sweden to the UK and made us all question how we determine a person’s identity through their nationality. Dr Elena Vacchelli and her co-worker Erene Kaptani from the University of Greenwich shared their research on migrant and refugee women through a presentation and video.
We hope that all guests left with a better understanding of why MEWSo exists, the help we provide to those suffering from the psychological consequences of displacement and the vital advice we provide to those aiming to build new lives in a new country. MEWSo provides a vital service of supporting displaced women however we cannot continue our work without your support. Please donate to improve the society we all live in.