Harnessing Policy Impact – Dec 2017

The Polygamy Matters workshop on the 8th December started the new research project led by Halaleh Taheri, Director of MEWSo, and Elena Vacchelli from the University of Greenwich, entitled: Harnessing policy impact: digital stories of familial practices told by migrant, refugee and asylum seeking women. The workshop included academic researchers, third sector organisations and ordinary women whose community is affected by polygamy.

The workshop was a great success and a fantastic start to the campaign! After hearing about the research done on polygamy by some academics, the group was split in order to start debates in smaller groups around questions such as what are the main issues in polygamous relationships and what steps can be taken to raise awareness about polygamy. The workshop was charged with energy and everyone engaged with the tasks. For many of the participants the subject of polygamy is an emotional one. The documented stories and experiences that were told, touched the hearts of everyone there as unfortunately the fact is that,  in general, women, in polygamous relationships, and their children are the ones that suffer the most.However, through this campaign, we aim to raise awareness of polygamy and its harmful effects to women and children in order to end this practise.

Please support us by sharing this message using #polygamymatters and comment with your thoughts, views and  research or stories. Please let us know if you’re interested to get involved in the campaign by emailing office@mewso.org.

See Gallery for more photo’s of the event.